At Ubiquity, we are committed to digital transformation. This has been our mission for the past 10 years, a vision that goes far beyond the simple sum of our services.

It all began with a simple question: how can we help businesses grow? The answer was just two clicks away: in consultancy and engineering. That’s the basis of what we do. How we do it is a whole new subject. Ubiquity’s consultancy and engineering offer, branches out to three specific areas: automation and dematerialization of workflows, tailored solutions and IT services. Subjects demanding a high level of technical expertise, up to which we raised our standards. For instance, terms such as BPM, RPA and AI might not mean much to you. However, at Ubiquity, we know they stand for growth, opportunities and future, and that means a lot to our clients.

Combining the experience and the versatility of a multi-faceted team, we manage to select the technologies, strategies and practices that better fit your business. The holistic approach to digital transformation, inspires us to innovate, today and always. Always, Everywhere.


  • Gold partner is one who demonstrates a high-level understanding of RPA, delivers sales, and has technical expertise in providing UiPath hyperautomation platform solutions.

  • Becoming a partner of the world-renowned AI-Powered No-Code ChatBots DRUID has helped us expanding our services and hyper-automation offers.

  • Our urge to drive the future, led us to close collaborations with Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo. This step has allowed us to raise awareness about innovation culture, intellectual property and technology transfer.

    At Ubiquity, we believe that universities and research centres are essential to closing the gap between the public and private sectors. This dynamic inspires collaboration, innovation-driven policies and curriculum updates.


  • Embedded in all our processes, Ubiquity Technology’s Quality Management System certifies our design, production, customer support and outsourcing. It fully abides by the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

  • Our solid business plan, technical experience and financial performance, were distinguished through the award: Estatuto Inovadora COTEC.

  • This certification allows us to join an exclusive group of carefully selected partners, chosen by their ability to implement complex, innovative, international projects.

  • Ubiquity received the EUNIS Elite Award for Implementing Information Systems for Higher Education 2016 for a collaborative project with four universities. 

  • This IAPMEI certificate reflects the solidity, performance, rigour and management quality of Ubiquity's business plan.

  • Ubiquity was one of the TOP 5% Portuguese SMEs in 2021, reaching the “excellence” mark for Financial Solidity and Development Index. This achievement highlights a level of financial stability that only 5% of Portuguese SMEs manage to reach.